Unlimited Paddleboard, Kayak, Bike Rentals
$ 100.00

Unlimited Paddleboard, Kayak, Bike Rentals

Do you paddleboard, kayak and bike a lot!? We have a package just for you! 


- It's a low freakin price!

- You can paddleboard, kayaks, or bike every day for 2 hours!

- You can bring a friend for just $10 and rent for 2 hours!

- No need to store your board and/or haul it down to the beach! We do everything for you!


- We would prefer not to have any but what can you do?

- Only the person whose name is on the pass can use it.

- You can rent in 2 hour increments once per day

- Reservation is required via our site so we know you are coming

- We will provide you with a promo code to eliminate any charges.

- That's it! Time to get on the water and boardwalk!